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 It has been a pleasure working with you on the Mingle in the past two years – I feel like you are honorary members of the Carers VIC family!

 Your professionalism, friendliness and tech assistance – has made my job these past two years much easier. 

You bring so much joy, laughter and heartfelt emotion in your performances and the compassion you showed in spending time with carers over lunch showed you to be generous and giving of yourselves.

 I don’t hesitate to recommend ‘The Hoffmans

to anyone I talk to as performers and lovely people!

Kate Topp Fundraising Carers Victoria

Carers Victoria on Twitter: "2015 MIngles - Thanks for entertaining our carers @_denisescott and The Hoffmans Duo

Carers Victoria Mingles 2016

Hi Heather and Dave
Thanks for your great work yesterday.
Here is a comment from the Caroline springs Mingle to brighten your day

The music was terrific once again by the Hoffmans. Waited and hoped they would be back this year. So love their antics and music song selection. Just wish I wasn’t on crutches and could dance to the songs.

taken from an email sent to
  Kate Topp fundraising Carers  Victoria


Gerda Batzmarowsky Thank you to all at Carers Vic, what a great "Mingle" today, the entertainment was awesome ☺

16 October at 21:56

Tina Kendall They were fantastic last year, looking forward to this year as well. The mingle events are great and a chance for carers to just relax.

17 October at 00:54

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